To provide a product with an assessed quality from the first step of production to the final one; and to be worthy of the trust of our customers; the tests below are performed.

1. Bacteriology:

1.1 Salmonella Monitoring of the farms, the hatchery, tools and equipment as well as the feed mill
1.2 Total Viable Count of the surfaces in the poultry premises and aerial count of bacteria, fungus load and salmonella presence in the air with samples from the hatchery
1.3 Postmortem bacteriological examinations and antibiotic sensitivity tests
1.4 Checking for salmonella presence on feed samples and rawfeed materials
1.5 Enterobacteria counts to determine the effectiveness of heat treatments on feed samples
1.6 Bacteriological quality analyses of water in poultry premises

2. Serology:

2.1 Checking for the presence of some diseases
2.2 Measuring the immune response against vaccinations
2.3 Vaccination date prediction for IBD on chicks
In addition; Mg, Ms and Sp tests may be performed with stained antigens (where antigen supply is possible) and suspicious samples are confirmed by ELISA. Again when antigens are present; some diseases (i.e. NDV, IBV .) may be checked using hemaglutination inhibition technique. IB variants, which a stealthy and important issue in our country, are tested using the HI test and it is one of the most demanded tests.

In addition, where requested and found to be approved, our clients are offered in-house, hands-on training in our laboratory and where requested; the laboratories of clients are visited to share information in line with the years of experience of our own laboratory.


As the manager and employees of Aviagen Anadolu Ana Damızlık Tav. San ve Tic. AŞ Poultry Diagnostic and Analysis Laboratory; we declare and undertake, through the laboratory services that we offer in line with the conditions required by the TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard; that:

We shall operate free from any commercial, financial and other internal and external forms of pressure and factors that may negatively affect the quality of testing;
We shall not perform any activity that may jeopardize Proficiency, impartiality, the freedom of making decisions and the confidence regarding the truthfulness of our operations;
We shall not inform any person or organization other than the client that has sent the particular sample or requested our opinion and officials of Aviagen Anadolu of which we are a part, regarding the samples that have been received and issues that are discussed,
We shall protect the confidentiality and certified rights of our customers,
We shall abide by the rules of confidentiality in our operations and consider this as the reputation of our occupation.