Proficiency tests are quite important in terms of the laboratory quality control system. The requests from various organizations and customers regarding to the audits have almost made proficiency tests Proficiency mandatory. These tests serve as an instrument that helps a laboratory provide acceptable data for various audits and investigations.

Today, when the competition between laboratories is even more intense and the requests of customers increase in terms of quality; Proficiency tests provide an opportunity for the receivers of services offered by laboratories to test the skills of the laboratories in question regarding particular tests.

Proficiency tests also provide an opportunity for an independent and impartial assessment for laboratories. Proficiency tests cover not only the methods; but also the personnel as well as the tools and equipment in use.

Thanks to Proficiency tests, the utilization of the same, routine methods by each laboratory is recommended. Proficiency tests assess how each laboratory analyses a routine sample. If the method in which the analysis results is associated with the selected method; the result may be affected by the performance of laboratory equipment and the performance of the analyzer.

Each test includes feedback time and a methodology. Participating laboratories receive a special number that represents solely the particular laboratory in question.

Each participant receives a report where solely the laboratory numbers are used for reference that may or may not include an open identity or a name to learn the results of the assessment. This way, participants have a chance to compare their performances with other laboratories. The reports may also include the methods used by participants.

Failure in Proficiency tests may require corrective measures in line with the mistakes associated with the result. Thus, preventing the repetition of a mistake that occurs due to methods, personnel or equipment during real test requests, is aimed